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In the Serangeli agricultural company we select and grow the best qualities of the products of our territory to bring them to your table.

They are simple products from the start, but they will be the right ingredient for your recipes.

Our legumes, pure or combined with other seeds and cereals, will warm you up with tasty soups in winter or refresh you with tasty salads in summer. Our San Marzano dried tomatoes will become a pleasant accompaniment to your aperitifs and will be able to give that decisive boost to your first courses. To give space to your creativity in desserts or baked sweets, our hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts will give a unique character to your creations at the end of the meal.

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In our agricultural company we do our best every day to ensure that our customers can receive their favorite products quickly and safely.

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Are you part of a Solidarity Purchasing Group?

To guarantee the sustainability of the production cycle of our products, we run our farm with an eye that is always attentive to the care of our territory. This commitment of ours also meets the sensitivity of the people who gather in the GAS (Solidarity Purchasing Groups) . We at the Serangeli agricultural company are therefore happy to meet new groups of people who want to buy directly from the producers! For GAS and to support ethical and solidarity purchasing , we have therefore thought of special discounts.

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Our roots

Since 1947, we have been a family-run farm.

We are located in Upper Lazio, in Vallerano, a small municipality in the Tuscia area of ​​Viterbo. We are home to a rich and fertile territory, thanks to the volcanic substrates, the influences of the nearby sea, the hills, the lakes and the surrounding alluvial plains. Here are the elements that make our products unique.

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