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Red Beans

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Rossi Dark variety

Available in packs of 0.5Kg - 1Kg - 3Kg - 5Kg

Harvest Year 2023

The properties of red beans: the ruby ​​legume

Like many other legumes, red beans also have their origins overseas, in America. At sight it looks like a small ruby, red and smooth, while on the palate it recalls the consistency and notes of sweet potatoes.

Thanks to their composition, red beans bring many benefits to our body.

  • They contain folic acid and vitamin B9, which promotes the development of new cells. For this reason, it is a very suitable food for pregnant women because it promotes the growth of the future unborn child.
  • They have a purifying function because they help both the liver in its diuretic function and the regulation of the intestine thanks to the high fiber content.
  • Rich in phosphorus, they provide energy and keep bones and teeth healthy.
  • They are an important source of iron, so much so that their consumption is highly recommended for those suffering from anemia and for those following vegetarian and vegan diets.
  • They support the defenses of our immune system.
  • They contain very low amounts of fat.
  • They help fight free radicals.

    How can you store our red beans?

    As with other bean varieties, we recommend storing our dried red beans for up to a year. This time frame is valid only if you are careful to keep them away from direct light and store them in a cool, dry place.

    We also remind you to get an airtight container, preferably glass, in which to store them as soon as they are purchased.

      How can you enjoy our red beans?

      Red beans, compared to other varieties, are characterized by their particular sweet flavour. You can use them as the main ingredient of your winter soups, also accompanied by a touch of spicy oil which will give even more character to your dish. Furthermore, as the ancient peasant tradition of not throwing anything away teaches , you can make a tasty soup by also adding stale bread. This will give you the famous Pancotto . Red kidney beans are also great for making into vegan meatballs. Add eggs, parmesan and spices and you will have a second course ready in minutes! You can also make tasty salads. Accompany red beans with pumpkin cubes for the autumn months. Or add romaine lettuce, thin onion, thyme, anchovies, garlic and vinegar for a fresh summer dish.

      Finally, to honor their origins, you can also prepare Mexican chili. Excellent with both meat and the vegan version, it is a perfectly spicy side dish or second course.

      Nutritional values

      100g of boiled red beans provides:

      • Energy 333 kcal
      • Fat 0.8 g of which saturated fatty acids 0.1 g
      • Carbohydrates 60 g
      • Sugars 2.2 g
      • Dietary fiber 25 g
      • Protein 24 g
      • Potassium 1,406 mg
      • Cholesterol 0 mg
      • Sodium 24 mg
      • Calcium 143 mg
      • Vitamin C 4.5 mg
      • Iron 8.2 mg
      • Magnesium 140 mg


        For red beans, as also happens for other varieties, no particular allergic responses have been observed. Rarely, skin rashes or respiratory reactions may occur.

        Do you have questions about our red beans? Contact us and we will reply as soon as possible.

        Sources: Cure-Naturali

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