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Azienda Agricola Serangeli

TOP Vallerano chestnuts

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TOP Vallerano chestnuts

    Packs of 3Kg - 5Kg - 10Kg

    Harvest Year 2023

    Chestnuts: the fruit that welcomes autumn

    Tuscia, where our farm founded its roots, is the perfect area for growing chestnuts. We harvest them in October to bring them to your table and to warm you during the autumn and winter months.

    Serangeli chestnuts belong to the Vallerano TOP chestnut variety. Be careful: do not confuse them with browns. Chestnuts are distinguished from chestnuts because they have a darker color, a rounder shape and a thicker skin. The color of the pulp, which represents 85% of the fruit, also differs: it is lighter. However, Vallerano PDO chestnuts are larger than the others, so they are often mistaken for chestnuts.

    In addition to satisfying the palate, chestnuts have interesting nutritional properties. They are rich in carbohydrates and this makes them a useful energy source for the colder months. They also contain significant quantities of fibre, vitamins, proteins and mineral salts and are cholesterol-free.

    Furthermore, chestnuts are a food that does not contain gluten: this is why they can be consumed with complete peace of mind even by those with celiac disease.

    Thanks to their properties, they therefore help to:

    • fill up on calories
    • combat anemia, constipation and high cholesterol
    • preserve the nervous system

    How can you preserve chestnuts?

    Our fresh chestnuts are selected carefully and scrupulously. Once collected, they are separated from the hedgehog, washed, dried and sterilized. To best preserve them after receiving them at your home, we recommend some precautions.

    If you want to keep them fresh, you can do it either in the refrigerator, at a temperature between 2 and 3 degrees, or in the freezer, even vacuum-packed. In the first case, they will last for about a month, in the second for about six months. Remember to always use food containers or bags.

    If you prefer to cook the chestnuts before storing them, the preservation method will depend on the cooking method. The important thing is to remove the peel after cooking them.

    • Boiled and roasted: after boiling and cooling, you can store them in the freezer.
    • Dried: the drying process can take place either in the air or in the oven and you can store them in a cool, dry place, away from heat sources.
    • In spirit: once cooked, place them in a glass jar and cover them with an alcoholic syrup.

    How can you enjoy them?

    Chestnuts are a sweet and tasty fruit that is suitable as a protagonist ingredient for first courses, second courses and desserts. The most common way to consume them is to roast them over a fire. Who can resist the unmistakable scent of roasted chestnuts that pervades the streets of our cities in autumn and winter?

    If you are looking for other ways to bring out their flavor, you can create delicious first courses such as a hot chickpea and chestnut soup, ravioli with chestnuts and sausage or a lasagna with chestnut cream and radicchio. Otherwise, if you want to test yourself with important second courses, try using them as a filling for guinea fowl or a good cockerel. If you prefer a lighter dish, try including it as an ingredient in your salads, perhaps combined with pieces of apple and cheese. Finally, the list of chestnut-based desserts is very long. Use them for jams, to create cakes by combining them with chocolate and to make delicious spoon desserts, such as pudding or mascarpone-based cream.

    Do you have questions about our chestnuts? Contact us and we will reply as soon as possible.

    Are you a chestnut roaster?

    In addition to selling our chestnuts retail, we also have a service dedicated to chestnut roasters. You can book them: this way we can schedule deliveries starting in October.

    Contact us and tell us your needs: we will provide you with a quality product that will satisfy your customers.

    Nutritional values ​​of chestnuts

    100 g of fresh chestnuts provide:

    • Edible part 85%
    • Water 55.80 g
    • Carbohydrates available 36.70 g
    • Complex carbohydrates 25.30 g
    • Soluble sugars 8.90 g
    • Protein 2.90 g
    • Fats (Lipids) 1.70 g
    • Total fiber 4.70 g
    • Sodium 9 mg
    • Potassium 395 mg
    • Iron 0.90 mg
    • Calcium 30 mg
    • Phosphorus 81 mg
    • Copper 0.40 mg
    • Vitamin B1 0.08 mg
    • Vitamin B2 0.28 mg
    • Vitamin B3 1.11 mg

    Symptoms of chestnut allergy

    Here are the main symptoms:

    • oral allergy syndrome and related disorders
    • rhinoconjunctivitis
    • asthma
    • angioedema

    Sources: Allergipedia

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