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Vallerano DOP chestnut flour

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Vallerano chestnuts DOP

    Packs of 5Kg - 10Kg

    Harvest Year 2022

    Chestnut flour: your ally in the kitchen

    If you're looking to add flavor and variety to your recipes without sacrificing health, you'll want to try Serangeli Chestnut Flour!

    Made only with our best Vallerano DOP chestnuts, it is a product that boasts excellent nutritional properties and an intense flavour. Furthermore, although these fruits are traditionally harvested in autumn, chestnut flour can be preserved and used all year round in many imaginative ways.

      Our product

      Our farm has been rooted in the Tuscia area for generations and for this reason we know the properties of this land well.

      In our fields we grow exclusively the Vallerano PDO chestnut, a particular variety that can only grow in this geographical area. This type of fruit stands out for its sweet and delicate taste, its light pulp and its excellent resistance to cooking, which always keeps it crunchy.

      It is precisely because of these fantastic properties that we decided to process them and make them into chestnut flour perfect for many preparations, both sweet and savory.

        How can you use it in your recipes?

        There are many dishes based on chestnut flour that belong to the Italian culinary tradition. They all originate in poor and peasant cuisine given that the chestnut is a very nutritious and versatile fruit. Furthermore, it is harvested in the cold months and therefore chestnut flour is often used as a winter alternative to wheat flour.

        It is an ingredient with a markedly sweet flavour, which in fact is the basis of many desserts. The best known is certainly castagnaccio, a compact cake made with chestnut flour , oil, water, pine nuts, raisins and sometimes rosemary.

        Chestnut flour is also the protagonist of many savory preparations, such as gnocchi and chestnut tagliatelle. These are two tasty first courses, made by replacing the usual flour with chestnut flour , which has the advantage of being naturally gluten-free. Another advantage of this ingredient is the high concentration of starch, which gives a compact consistency to the preparations. Fibers also make it a useful ally in any diet because they prolong the feeling of satiety and guarantee good health of the intestinal tract.

        Have you ever tried crepes and crepes with chestnut flour ? Really delicious!

        Do you have questions about our chestnuts? Contact us and we will reply as soon as possible.

        Nutritional values ​​of chestnut flour

        100 g of chestnut flour provides:

        • Fats (Lipids) 3.7 g
        • of which saturated fatty acids 0.7 g
        • Carbohydrates 72 g
        • of which sugars 15 g
        • Protein 6.1 g
        • Salt 27.5 mg

        Symptoms of chestnut flour allergy

        Here are the main symptoms:

        • oral allergy syndrome and related disorders
        • rhinoconjunctivitis
        • asthma
        • angioedema

        Sources: Allergipedia

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