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TOP Vallerano chestnuts

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Vallerano DOP chestnuts

Florentine variety

    Packs of 3Kg - 5Kg - 10Kg

    Harvest Year 2023

    Brown or chestnut? The TOP Florentine variety chestnuts will win you over.

    Chestnuts are typical fruits of the autumn season and are distinguished from chestnuts for several reasons. First, chestnuts are the fruits of a cultivated tree while chestnuts are those of a wild tree. The chestnut shell, more commonly known as the 'curl', only contains up to 3 fruits which is why they are rounder than chestnuts. Lovers of roasted chestnuts may be interested in the fact that the internal film that covers the fruit is thinner and therefore easier to remove. Another substantial difference is that chestnuts, compared to chestnuts, are much crunchier and sugarier.

    How many chestnuts can you eat per day?

    The calorie intake per 100 grams of fresh product is 165 calories. The suggested quantity is therefore 40 grams per day, corresponding to 5-6 chestnuts, but given their goodness, respecting this limit is a difficult task.

    How to cook chestnuts?

    There are different ways to cook chestnuts. They can be enjoyed roasted as roasted chestnuts, boiled, cooked with sugar to make marrons glacés or used cooked for compotes and accompanying sauces.

    Are you a chestnut roaster?

    In addition to selling our chestnuts retail, we also have a service dedicated to chestnut roasters. You can book them: this way we can schedule deliveries starting in October.

    Contact us and tell us your needs: we will provide you with a quality product that will satisfy your customers.

    Nutritional values ​​of chestnuts

    100 g of chestnuts provide:

    • Edible part 85%
    • Water 55.80 g
    • Carbohydrates available 36.70 g
    • Complex carbohydrates 25.30 g
    • Soluble sugars 8.90 g
    • Protein 2.90 g
    • Fats (Lipids) 1.70 g
    • Total fiber 4.70 g
    • Sodium 9 mg
    • Potassium 395 mg
    • Iron 0.90 mg
    • Calcium 30 mg
    • Phosphorus 81 mg
    • Copper 0.40 mg
    • Vitamin B1 0.08 mg
    • Vitamin B2 0.28 mg
    • Vitamin B3 1.11 mg

    Symptoms of brown allergy

    Here are the main symptoms:

    • oral allergy syndrome and related disorders
    • rhinoconjunctivitis
    • asthma
    • angioedema

    Sources: Allergipedia

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