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White Cowpeas

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White-Eyed Variety

Available in packs of 0.5Kg - 1Kg - 3Kg - 5Kg

Harvest Year 2023

Properties of black cowpeas:

  • They help blood circulation.
  • They reduce cardiovascular risk.
  • Excellent for a balanced diet for weight loss.

Nutritional values ​​of black-eyed peas

100 g of white beans provide:

  • Energy 285 kj/68 kcal.
  • Fat 0.5 g of which saturated fatty acids 0 g.
  • Carbohydrates 9.1 g of which sugars 0 g.
  • Fibers 4.8 g.
  • Protein 4.3 g.
  • Salt 0.04 g.

Bean allergy symptoms

Like other legumes, beans can also be allergenic, but to a lesser extent and statistically less relevant.

Reactions can be cutaneous and/or respiratory, mainly. In some cases, actual anaphylaxis can occur.

Sources: Cure-Naturali

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